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DSO/Technician II

Pago Pago, Eastern District, American Samoa

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Monitoring Technician/DSO is essential for coral reef monitoring, data entry, procurement efforts, and managing CRAG’s diving operations and safety.


  • Responsibilities:

    • Assist the Monitoring Ecologists within the monitoring program

    • Assist in projects led by the Monitoring Ecologists

    • Conduct field video transects of coral reef substrate/fish survey

    • Assist with coral restoration needs

    • Managing dive safety operations

    • Manage program schedule and other assigned tasks

    • Encode data and organize and manage project databases promptly

    • Implement tasks as requested by the Program Manager, CRAG Coordinator, and other CRAG members

    • Keep track of time sheets and organize Daily Activity Records

    • Participate as a dive researcher in various expeditions

    • Report to the Program Manager and the CRAG Coordinator on projects updates

    • Follow-up purchase orders and obtain invoices needed for supplies and equipment

    • Manage NOAA reciprocity aspects

    • Prepare materials before field (e.g., SCUBA gear) and laboratory work (e.g., dissecting tools)

    • Monitor and provide training to CRAG's dive team

    • Enforce dive safety protocols

    • Coordinate dive research expeditions

    • Maintain SCUBA equipment, video camera, camera housing, and other assigned program equipment in good condition

    • Assist with member agencies

  • Knowledge, Skills, Ability, and Requirements:

    • Have high identification skills of corals and reef fish species 

    • Identification of coral reef invertebrates preferred

    • Must be organized at work, have excellent social skills, and have excellent time management

    • Have experience in coral reef monitoring sampling design implementation

    • Have been involved in basic or applied coral reef research and management for at least three (3) years and preferably have worked in the South Pacific (work experience in American Samoa is an advantage)

    • Have experience working with a diverse group of stakeholders, including communities, government agency staff, researchers, educators, and enforcement personnel in a South Pacific setting, preferred

    • Be carefully sensitive and have experience living and working in another culture, preferably in South Pacific Island Community

Please send your cover letter, CV or resume, and the American Samoa Government (ASG) Job Application in one PDF to: 

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