Climate Change LAS

Coral reefs ecosystems are severely threatened by climate change impacts, including from coral bleaching and ocean acidification incidents. Infrequent mass coral bleaching events and annual bleaching have already been documented in American Samoa.

Coral reefs nonetheless remain vital to local fisheries and shorelines for protection from storm surge and wave action.

As sea level rises and mass bleaching and acidification kills corals, coastal areas will become increasingly prone to erosion and inundation from wave action.

Vision: “Sustain healthy coral reef ecosystems and build related socio-economic conditions which are resilient to climate change”

Objective 1: Increase research and monitoring to implement and support management strategies for reducing climate change and its impacts.

Objective 2: Establish adaptive management strategies to maximize coral reef ecosystem resilience.

Objective 3: Foster adaptation and resilience of human communities and economic systems to climate change impacts.

Objective 4: Reduce American Samoa’s carbon footprint and encourage progress towards a sustainable low carbon economy.

Objective 5: Create a climate change informed populace, actively taking steps to reduce climate change causes and impacts.